You and your environment are doing quite well. And you would like to keep it that way.
To survive in a changing world, you need both physical and mental resilience. YesBody can help you with that.
The guidance can be individual, in a group, or in the company.


Feeling good.

Being free in your head.

Moving as one group.


Corona has made us face the facts: everything can change quickly. There is not much we can do about change. Panta Rhei (Heraclitus): everything flows. It is the nature of our nature.

But as we know, “every disadvantage has its advantage.” At least, we can make it an advantage as long as we have enough resilience and stamina.

Energy, creativity, and being able to develop your talent within a group are the keywords.

How can YesBody help? In various areas. You get energy from a natural way of moving, a (home) workplace that is well-adjusted for you, an adjusted exercise schedule.


This requires ergonomics, in the broadest sense. Mental flexibility, inventiveness, and decisiveness come to your home when the spider webs of habits, emotions, and the debris of negative experiences have been wiped clean. Clearing the mind, we have a number of techniques for it such as practical philosophy, working with specific priming cues and so much more.

If you can stay yourself and develop your talent within the group, not only you, but every colleague and the company you work for will benefit

We call this ’emotional ergonomics’, lighting the flame, but not burning it up. You are not in control of everything, but there is a lot that you (alone or together with your colleagues) can do to become resilient, to take your place in the group with your head held high.

And yes, again Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic philosopher (540 – 480 BC) had understood, change is needed in order not to burn out. Yes, actually: “What burns in burnout?”.

If you want to know more about the YesBody program, specifically about burnout, call us on + 32 (0)486 50 70 01 or send an e-mail to with the request for a free 15-minute video call. Be sure to state your name and telephone number and whether you are interested individually, with a few buddies, or with a few colleagues.

Depending on the question, we tell you how we work and what we can do for you or the company.