It’s in the body.

In recent years, the mind-body philosophy has made great strides with the mind (cognition, awareness) as a powerful instrument for controlling the body. If you only have enough “willpower” then you can achieve anything. People are urged to “go beyond borders”. In our experience, “crossing borders” has already made many people unhappy and sick.

Fortunately, a change is taking place and people are moving away from the dualistic point of view *. We are a body and with that body, we stand in the world, the context in which we live.

We see the “mind” as a quality arising from physical processes but which cannot be reduced to these physical processes.

Our body has a great problem-solving capacity and we must rely on this when we want or need to give our lives in a different direction.

* The dualistic thinking comes from philosophy. It is René Descartes who sees the mind as separate from the body. Baruch Spinoza takes a different position: there is no separation of mind and body, there is only one substance. Spinoza sees the “mind” as another body in our body.

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