Our method has been developed from the principles of embodied philosophy and neurophysiology.

It is a specific, coded method, making use of touch training at the beginning and a series of specifically designed movements (études) that we call “Deeply Felt Movements”, all this parallel to specific imagery (EYE-SCANS).

The start of a YesBody program? Progressively learn patients learn to move and move around in a way that causes less fatigue and less pain.

We work in a broader context. The loss of identity, the emotional/ mental aspects are addressed through the Emo/ Tensegrity and Agora études. Emotions from within ourselves? According to Darwin, there are six… Agora, the space and the atmosphere around us? According to René Gude, there are four, we have added a post-postmodern in this (post) corona era.

Practical, embodied philosophy helps to develop a specific communication framework for each patient to guide him/ her towards greater self-confidence.

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