Not the end of physiotherapy”.


As long as people are unaware of their body, they are a body. A dynamic unit that – unconsciously – adapts to evolving environments.

Pain and/ or fatigue change that. We are no longer, but we have a body (with loss of unity). The subconscious ‘body scheme’ and the conscious ‘body image’ no longer correspond, are no longer identical. We are constantly aware of our bodies. The manageability of the world and the ability to function in that world has been disturbed.

The rehabilitation is primarily aimed at the recovery of the patient as a dynamic unit. There is no “instant success” as with an acute problem, rather patient guidance towards self-care. Whether the approach is successful largely depends on the patient. We can only provide the tools. Adherence to therapy can be a tricky issue. Follow-up at home via video consultation ensures more compliance and therefore a better recovery. From a Body in Pieces to a Body in Peace …


As long as the covid measures apply, the training will be given via video calling. The training is individual, the number of sessions is agreed upon in advance. As soon as possible, training is given again in a group or in a buddy system.

We always provide the necessary literature in advance. This way we can immediately start practising. You can learn movement science in a book, but not applied movement science. We always start by looking at real daily practice and we use both published “field models”, the onefor the physician and the one for the physiotherapist, acting as a movement consultant. Ask for them, we will be happy to send you both published articles.

If you are interested in this working method, please e-mail us your details to jan@yesbody.be so that we can propose a 15-minute video call (free). Don’t forget to include your phone number.

You can then virtually knock on our door (at a pre-arranged time) via www.whereby.com.

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