YesBody is a program developed for long-term complaints in various autonomic dysfunctions (ME/ CFS, fibromyalgia, spasmophilia, burn-out, post-covid…) in which pain and fatigue hinder daily functioning.
Don’t let acute complaints become chronic…


"Tomorrow will be better"

Less tired
Less pain
Less desperate,…

Our mission

Jan b Eyskens, Ph.D.

Doctor of Medical Sciences

Movement consultant
Philosophical Practitioner

"I am now the body I have here!"

J b E

“Repeat and read on why…”

The YesBody program


With “I am now the body that I have here” the emphasis is on AM. Forget the mind/ body concept, start from one whole. No working brain without a body, no functioning body without a brain. Embodied cognition or embodied philosophy are the common terms.

As human beings (from our body) we are continuously- the Now – in interaction with our environment, with the context – the Here – in which we move.

If we can no longer function as we would like, we must address both our body and the context.

The one who will make you better, the best therapist, that’s you. We are there to guide you in the change process. How do we do that?

By providing you with tools such as an energy-saving and pain-avoiding movement pattern so that you are not hindered by pain and/ or fatigue. With handles (hints, cues) to see the broader context. By teaching you to observe yourself and understand what the situation is. Change “e-motions” by directing your ‘self’.

It may not be the way it used to be, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.


Are you curious and would you like to know more? We are happy to tell you in a 15-minute free video call. Click on and email us your name and telephone number. We will then contact you by email.

You can then virtually knock on our door at a pre-arranged time via


In Wilrijk and Ghent, and certainly more and more since the Corona pandemic also with video calls. So we do “home visits” again, even across the border…


Appointments preferably by telephone on +32 486 50 70 01, preferably on the hour.

We will then pin down a moment and ask you to send an email with your telephone number. We answer this email within 24 hours with a confirmation of the moment, the method of contact (face-to-face and therefore also the map of the way; for video calls the link This always with an intake form. You can e-mail this form after filling it in.


Even after the sessions, we are ready to follow up with advice and action. A short question, a comment on a photo of an attitude, a movement is answered quickly. We will help you further. We call that “the tail of the beast”.